5 Ways to be More Sustainable in 2020

Written by CocoRio

October 22, 2020

We created CocoRio to positively impact future generations, providing them with creativity and normalising creativity in the daily life of children, in a sustainable fashion. We passionately believe that future generations can outsmart us and take better care of our planet. Unfortunately, the adults of today are leaving a world that doesn’t run as sustainably as it could.

“Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

[McGill University Definition]

The adults of the future can do better at being sustainable – so it starts now – we must teach our children sustainable practices to give them a chance to do better than we did and so they can leave a better place for their children and their children and their children… (you get the gist)


Before we suggest how you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle, we thought we’d share how we practise sustainability at CocoRio! 

What does Sustainability mean to CocoRio?

Sustainability for us is living with the smallest possible impact on the planet. It is not easy for all industries, but for us, our creative nature always helps us find alternatives that are more sustainable! 

How is CocoRio Sustainable in its practices?

CocoRio strives to be sustainable across all its work encouraging all sitters and facilitators to use materials found in the home rather than buying anything new for their creative work. We also encourage to as much as possible,  repurpose and recycle. CocoRio also encourages its sitters to use natural resources in its sessions. So much art can be done with things found outside (sticks, leaves, rain etc) and children are encouraged to observe the changing of seasons. CocoRio has been successfully trialling park sessions throughout the Summer and Autumn to engage children creatively in nature, employing the natural elements in its creative games. CocoRio strives to match families with local sitters that do not have to travel far to get to the families’ homes, encouraging them to walk or cycle if possible.

As far as CocoRio’s administration is concerned, all work happens online, encouraging staff to draft their documents online rather than on paper and all official documents are also all archived on the cloud. Staff work remotely and flexibly and do not have to travel to a set workplace unless necessary.

What are CocoRio’s Sustainability Goals?

CocoRio aims to have a large enough pool of sitters to be able to always offer walking or cycling distance sitters. This will also mean we can cover more areas and have even more creative skills on offer. CocoRio is also building a wonderful community of sitters who are encouraged to share their sustainable creative ideas, building many helpful resources to share with anyone who wishes to start using creativity in a more sustainable way.

Which Sustainable company are we loving right now?

We love Boobalou, they are a company selling sustainable and ethical products, including many for parents and children. They encourage a zero-waste lifestyle for people of all ages. For inspiring ideas involving DIY and creativity that respect the environment, we also love Trash is For Tossers’ youtube channel and blog, by Lauren Singer, the founder of Package Free Shop. Check them out!


Now it’s over to you!

5 Ways to be More Sustainable in 2020

1. Buy second hand or swap clothes between parents. If you have to buy new, try buying from sustainable and eco-friendly shops. 

Cat wearing reusable nappy - being sustainable

2. Use muslin cloths as nappies for a washable and reusable alternative.

3. Children love DIY activities! Here are some of our favourites:

  • Beauty products (kids love DIY body butter!)
  • Vegetable scraps as fabric dye colouring for old clothes
  • Making DIY playdough for a safer and more fun experience
  • Using the recycling bin as a place to hunt for materials for your craft activities

4. Start gardening – the beginning can be regrowing vegetables from scraps. This invites children to start taking care of nature in a fun way from the beginning.

5. When children are young, they do not need expensive tools to be creative.  DIY shakers and using pans and pots as drums is a great way to introduce children to music.

– Ria from Team CocoRio 💫

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