Fun in the sun at the end of lockdown!

Written by CocoRio

July 10, 2020

At the end of lockdown, let’s take a moment to reflect and take care of ourselves. This is for both little ones and adults. Lockdown has undoubtedly been a testing time. Videoconferencing and juggling family routines with homeschooling have fast become the norm for many of us. Our children’s lives too have been turned upside down. Unicef estimates that 700 million days of education could be lost this academic year. This loss has been depriving children of an immersive learning experience and the immeasurable joys of friendship and emotional development that come with attending school.

Easing back to normal

It’s more important than ever that we take confident but careful steps back to normality for both our and our children’s sake. Thankfully CocoRio is here to help that incomparable face-to-face interaction return 🙂 Allow our wonderful creative facilitators to lead your kids through arts and crafts sessions with funky twigs and leaves found in the local park. Or expose them to a new language to complement their schooling catch up hours. Let them sing and dance till your neighbours start complaining about the noise. Just kidding! 🙂 Whatever their forte, we are sure to have an expert to fortify their passions. Or introduce them to new related areas they’ll be excited to try out! At the end of lockdown, all of the above will be extremely beneficial to their mental and physical health.

In a sustainable way

As ever, we aim to be as sustainable as possible with our sessions. Our sitters will aim at using items typically found lying around the house. No need to buy new fancy kits! Sometimes the most mundane objects lead to the most creative solutions and drama props. So at the end of lockdown, instead of heading abroad, let CocoRio come to you. We can formulate our own imaginative programme to make these summer holidays the most memorable yet.

With a bit of luck, a one-off taster class may lead to a full-on staycation activity camp. Your child will most certainly enjoy it. And you get the chance to plan your own well-deserved summer treat 🙂


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