Get through lockdown 3.0 with our cooking tips

Written by CocoRio

January 7, 2021

When your routine is once again disrupted and leaving the house is no longer an option, an easy cooking recipe with the kids can really save the day! It’s creative, fun, helps the kids move around and become responsible in the house, but most of all, it is tasty!

Here are some easy cooking recipes for kids to get you through lockdown 3.0.

  1. Easy bulk cooking

If you can’t go shopping too often, you can cook in bulk and repurpose food differently the second (and third!) day.

Fry your leftover risotto or add leftover rice to a vegetable soup for a healthy dinner.

Any leftover pasta can be topped with parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs to make wonderful Pasta al Forno when grilled in the oven.


Zero Waste Cooking Ideas

Pineapple core crisps – fruity snacks 

When you are left with a pineapple core, cut it in thin slices (a few millimeters each), place on a baking tray at lowest oven temperature for just over 4 hours. They are ready to be devoured by children and they make a healthy snack for TV time!

Carrot top pesto

A glass jar filled with pesto surrounded by small carrots. Easy cooking recipe for kids
Easy pesto recipe to garnish any pasta dish

If you are used to buying vegetables in bulk, and you never know what to do with the large amount of green top of carrots, you are not alone. You can add it to your vegetable stock, or even make it the protagonist of your pesto. Wash the carrot tops with plenty of water, cut in smaller pieces and place into a blender. Add some salt, pepper, a handful of nuts of your choice (cashew, pine nut, walnut, almond), a garlic clove, some mint leaves and parmesan. Blend adding some extra virgin olive oil and your pesto is ready when it has a smooth homogenous texture. Ideal on fish or on grilled vegetables.

Banana Ice Cream

When your bananas go too ripe (any colour to full brown) and the little ones won’t eat them, you can peel them and cut them in small pieces and store them in a container in your freezer. Take them out when they are frozen, blend them adding some milk of choice – I recommend oat milk – and voilà! Your banana ice cream is ready to be served 😀 It doesn’t contain any added sugar so it’s a nice and healthy treat. Add dark chocolate chips to make it even tastier.

  1. Pizza – easy recipe for kids

Another easy cooking recipe for kids is pizza! The dough is very easy to make: 500g 00 flour, 600ml water, 2g dry yeast, 10g salt, 35g extra virgin olive oil. Then kids can knead it as much as they like! Then leave it to grow in a warm place. The children can then help roll it out, add chopped tomatoes and put in a very hot oven (250 C) for 4 minutes! Then add topping of choice (including mozzarella) and bake for another 5 minutes in the oven… and voilà, homemade pizza is ready. Making pizzas requires strength and manual skills for the dough, patience while waiting for it to grow, and creativity to add toppings. It requires a lot of counting too… try counting to 4 minutes!

  1. Regrow vegetables at home using vegetable scraps

You can regrow carrot tops, onions, fennels, parsley, lettuce and potatoes from scraps. You just need room on the window sill 🙂

  1. Simple cooking recipe (artistic)

Ask your children to plate dishes in a different and creative way! E.g. mashed potatoes can turn into any kind of shape! A star, a cat, a house, etc.

Our final easy cooking recipe for kids is the fake Fish! 

Fake Fish

Easy to make recipe in the shape of a fish surrounded by salad and lemon garnish
Creative food!

In other languages: Pesce Finto, Faux Poisson, Gefaelt Fish, Falso Pescado


Ingredients (6 people):

White Potatoes 680g

Tuna Chunks in Oil 240g

Parsley (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

Thyme (to taste)

White Pepper (to taste)

Dill (to taste)

Lemon zest (to taste)

Capers/olives (to taste)

Messiness level: 1

Difficulty: 1


1. Peel and cut the potatoes in half, and then put them in a large pot with a lot of water. Cook to a boil and leave the potatoes in for a further 12 minutes.

2. Drain the tuna with a colander and add to a mixing bowl. Squish it with a fork, making it a homogeneous pure.

3. When the potatoes are ready, add them to the mixing bowl, and with a fork, squish them and add  to the tuna puree. 

4. Chop some thyme, dill and parsley and grate some lemon zest, and add it to the mix. Make sure to add salt and white pepper too! If you do not have all the spices, do not worry, it will still be very tasty!

5. Use your hands to make the paste homogeneous. Then get 6 small plates out and, with a spoon, divide the mix onto the 6 plates, make sure you leave some behind in the mixing bowl for crucial finishes! Now use your creativity and shape the six balls into 6 fish! You can make an oval shape first. Then on one side, open up the tail. And on the other, add a caper or olive as an eye. You can then use the leftover mix to make fins on the top and bottom of the fish. Use a spoon to lightly carve fish scales.

Serve as a starter or as a main at your preference. Best accompanied by some green vegetables!

Images from Nauticareport and Larderlove

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