How to make your Child future-proof and ready for the 4th, 5th (maybe 6th) Industrial Revolution.

Written by CocoRio

October 2, 2020

The pandemic (take a sip each time the pandemic gets mentioned today; we were talking about your cup of coffee, not gin, gosh!) has accelerated automation; meaning the 4th industrial revolution we were scared of is hitting us at the speed of light. We must prepare our future and our children, for an unusual job-market! Child development needs to take centre stage and creativity may well be the key.

Your child is probably watching you read this dramatic post and thinking about how to catch Pippin the cat’s tail. Yes, your child probably won’t have the words CV, Cover Letter or Salary running through their mind yet…

*cue the big but*

But, child development needs to be on your mind, and it starts now. In order to future-proof them, we must work on the skills that – we can only assume – will be in-demand in their bright futures ahead.



I cannot stress enough the importance of creativity and all the other skills your parents or grandparents frowned upon. Gone are the days where art, creativity and imagination are seen as dilly-dallying. With the rise of automation (and a potential hostile robot takeover) EQ is the new IQ.

Therefore, we’ve got to start ’em young. Creative development shouldn’t be a luxury or an ‘add-on’ it should be as important as literacy or numeracy.

Solving equations? – a robot can do that. Data cleaning – a robot. Driving – ROBOT. So may I ask, what can a robot not do?

Understand emotion and think imaginatively. That is still very human and in demand. Still, think I’m dilly-dallying? Let me pull out the facts.

According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, the demand for higher cognitive skills, including creativity, will rise almost 10% by 2030. This invaluable skill will become essential for problem-solving, strategising, and generating the ideas that will drive businesses forward.

Creativity is no longer a skill innate to musicians, painters or performers. It is and will be a vital skill required for every single role in the future.

I’ve scared you haven’t I? I promise I am not leaving you until we solve this unless the terminator gets resurrected, then you’re on your own.


Here are 3 ways to support child development and make them future-proof:

1. Keep them away from DEVICES.

Don’t be that parent that hands them the iPad the minute they’re winging at the dinner table. I am not shaming or naming, we all need that peace and quiet. Once in a while, the dummy or the iPad is the quick fix but please don’t rob your child of creative development. They need to know how to use their imagination!

POA: At least, make them play for an hour without a device in sight – that’s including the telly.


2. Make sure they are engaged in at least one practical activity a week, to get those cogs turning!

Dependent on your child, make sure they are engaging with at least one planned, practical activity a week. That could be a drama class, baking, creative writing or just a fun game of hide and seek in the garden. Of course, I understand now with the pandemic it’s hard to find the time and indeed even sign up to a workshop. That leads onto my next top-tip.


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If there’s anything you take from my article, it’s this; Human creativity is effectively Immune to Automation.

Love Ria, from Team CocoRio

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