New Name, New Logo, Who dis? 😎

Written by CocoRio

October 9, 2020

After months of searching far and wide, innumerable focus groups and client surveys, and inspiring conversations with myriad influential sources en route, ToddlerTunez is delighted to finally reveal its new name!

A mighty drum roll, please, for the one and only… CocoRio! As much as we love ToddlerTunez, we felt the time was right to adopt a name that better suits the service we provide for toddlers all the way up to teens, rather than simply wonderful music education for a younger age group. And this is where CocoRio takes centre stage 🙂 A combination of our co-founders’ names, Corinna Bordoli and Léa Rozencwajg Henry, as well as a tribute to the latter’s newborn baby boy, Rio-Xavier (!), CocoRio encapsulates everything our brand is about: fun creative care for children of all ages!

Given our portfolio is so wide-ranging and unique, we struggled to hone in on a name that would communicate what we do whilst retaining the indomitable playfulness our clients value so much. In light of this, there really is no one name that covers every aspect, such as the agility and bespoke nature of our organisation.

Within a dreamy lexical field of picturesque landscapes, tropical weather and fresh, exotic fruit, we believe we have found the right blend to represent the kind of support we can offer families as their babies mature slowly but surely into fledgeling young adults 🙂 We would like to thank all of you for your unwavering backing as we continue our journey together, particularly after the difficulties of the past few months. Our wish, of course, is for you to be there with us every step of the way, so we can continue to help you in a manner specifically tailored to your child’s development and the natural cultivation of their interests!

So there you have it: CocoRio… coming to your home very soon! 🙂