What Diversity Means To Us

Written by CocoRio

November 5, 2020

As a creative child care company, our values drive our every decision. The world may have changed but our values haven’t. We take every care and consideration in our actions from our rigorous hiring process of our sitters to our weekly newsletters. Here, at CocoRio we believe having strong values is the key to building trust with our stakeholders.

Diversity is a value we cherish close to our heart.

Diversity at CocoRio means diversity in every way, including our approach for hiring babysitters. Along with our intensive screening, health and safety checks we also look for sitters with a variety of qualifications, expertise and talents.

We value the unique experience of each one of our sitters as we want to showcase the variety of backgrounds our sitters have to offer in your homes. You will never get two of the same CocoRio sessions and that’s something that sets us apart as a child care provider.

We don’t embody the ‘high-brow’ idea of creativity. Unfortunately, sometimes, the arts are portrayed to be an unattainable craft that can only be achieved once perfected. We want to break that ceiling and make the world a joyous place for our children to grown and flourish in. With that in mind, we love creating an environment where children feel comfortable to create and imagine the endless possibilities in the world of art, dance and music.

Diversity also means our creative sitters come from all over the world. Having a diverse database of sitters at our fingertips means we can offer the WORLD (literally)! So have you ever wanted a sitter that was a Japanese speaking Cellist or even one that can teach your child how to tie-dye in Spanish? What are you waiting for? Join us in celebrating our diversity and book one of our creative sitters here!

If you want to hear more about our values, especially about Diversity and Sustainability, hear our wonderful founders discussing what it means to them in the video below!

Stay safe and happy!

– Love Ria, from Team CocoRio x