Why you NEED Child care!

Written by CocoRio

November 12, 2020

If the flowchart doesn’t convince you (although, I can’t see why not?), I present to you a structured argument of why you NEED Child care now (cited data, I know, impressive).

Just under three-quarters of parents claim they need more child care, or for their existing child care to be more flexible as a long-term result of the pandemic.

It’s true! We’ve seen it too.

CocoRio has seen a rise in demand for child care during the Autumnal months and is expecting it to continue throughout this lockdown, continuing to support families throughout this challenging period. We not only offer child care but we also, offer the practical support of child care combined with the wonderful creative skills of our sitters and creative facilitators.

The most recent government guidelines clearly state that child care and children’s supervised activities can remain open, as well as schools. This is crucial in a time of such uncertainty, especially for parents of very small children.

CocoRio is very flexible and provides a guilt-free alternative where families know their children are engaging in meaningful activities while being cared for by fully vetted creative professionals; this includes but is not limited to: DBS checked, first aid trained, some with childcare qualifications and chaperone licences.

The combination of child care and meaningful creative activities is appealing to families who want to provide their children with fun and educational activities, in the comfort of their own homes. 

Creativity is an incredible tool to take care of the mental and physical health of children (and adults’ too) in a challenging time like this when more time is spent indoors and less socialising with peers. 

We cater to toddlers to teens (and babies too!). Our sitters and creative facilitators have experience with different age groups, many also speak foreign languages and have all sorts of creative skills: from acting, dance, music, instruments, to pottery, embroidery, puppetry… and more! Some of our sitters can also offer tutoring and homework support.

We understand working from home can be very challenging and that’s why CocoRio sitters can offer to structure the days of preschool-aged children or the afternoons of school-aged children in a meaningful way. We tailor all our activities to fit the families’ requirements and needs. 

We also observe COVID-19 health and safety procedures, such as hand washing before, after and throughout the session, changing when arriving at the family’s home, sanitisation of toys and objects used. 

We’ve gone a step further ensuring we are COVID-19 safe by matching families with sitters local to them to limit travel time and potential COVID-19 exposure on public transport.

Overall, we’re here to alleviate the pressure on working parents!

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Stay safe, happy and healthy!

– Love from Ria, CocoRio Team x


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